Welcome to the revamped, all new Londonstation site. This is the latest version of the still ongoing project of hand coloured photos of the London Underground.

All the pictures were shot on black and white film and have been laboriously coloured using Adobe Photoshop.
Some may say, “Why bother?” or “Why didn’t you just shoot in colour in the first place?” and to these people I say. “Good question!”

“Why bother?” The answer to this question is that about 10 years ago I began to notice that all the stations were beginning to change, there were various reasons for this. Some stations were in a rotten state of disrepair and needed cleaning up, others seemed to be wilfully changed to get ready for some kind of forthcoming privatisation. Whatever the reason, I thought it would be a good idea to try and document many of the buildings before they changed too much. Initially I wasn’t too sure how the photos would be used but a few years ago
I started to get involved with Adobe Photoshop and I began to hand colour the pictures to give them a “retro” look.

This project has been running ever since.

Thanks to a grant from The London College of Printing the project has taken on various forms. There have been several exhibitions of the work, talks given and it has been featured on radio and in print. The next stage is to be a publication in book form called “Tales From The Underground”.

This is where you can help. I am searching for stories from the public about events that have happened to them whilst travelling on the Underground. Please visit the “Tales” area of the site to give you a flavour of some of the stories that have been supplied so far. I need plenty more and I would be most grateful if any one could e-mail me with there anecdotes for future publication.
I need stories of between approximately 100 and 500 words and they can be about any event connected with the trains or stations.

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